The Thunderstorm Poem- Job 3:20 Why is light given to those in misery?
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Thunderstorm Christian Poem
The Thunderstorm | Christian Poem

The Thunderstorm Poem

I asked the Lord to experience the thunderstorm.
He carried me away into it’s arms & flashing lights.
He protected me on the wings of His angels from His creation,
and brought love and beauty into my night.

It’s flashing power tossed and turned my every fear,
and it drove me to the place of the greatest respect & awe of God.
The rain, the rain, poured deep in my soul,
down to the ground, the roaring, the power, feeling the sound.

Now, I’m engulfed in His glory, and washed in His blood,
No fear of the hail, the wind, or the flood.
What intimate fellowship with God on high,
lift up my hands, reach out to the sky.

Naked I came from the womb, naked I go,
why is light given to those in misery?

Winding down, winding down, through the flashing,
towards the ground. Back to my bed, His peace found, hearing the rain drops… silent…… & …… sound.

~John Anthony

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